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About Mara Scientific

Mara Scientific serves doctors and researchers around the East and African markets seeking answers and insights from indivisible blocks of life scattered all around us - DNA, RNA and proteins. We deliver molecular insights through our web portal and mobile app creating more accessibility to our customers.

Doctors, researches and forensic investigators use the insights of our diagnoses to gain insight for better targeted and newer therapies, discovering novelty through breaking scientific barriers.

NGS testing platform allows scientists to easily extract, purify, stabilize and extract insights from biological samples picking up hundreds of variant reads along the way.

Mara Science’s proven software and automation tools makes the analysis and delivery of rich insights of vast amounts of data very easy with efficiently designed workflows.


Our Services

Our Evolving Technology Systems use this robust technique to develop microbiology solutions such as personal medicine, drug development and to provide essential insights to Doctors, Researchers and Lab Scientists.

Next-Generation techniques revolutionizing the field of evolutionary biology involving genetic analysis at scales previously not possible.

Prospective biomedical or behavioral research studies to help you get tomorrow's treatment today.

Direct genetic analysis of genomes contained with-in our environment to give environmental solutions.



Our Mission

"To provide doctors, researchers and lab scientists with timely molecular insights using our proven end-to-end efficient workflow in a certified lab to push the boundaries of medical discoveries."


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